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ACF Profile

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ACF  is an industry-leading provider of anti-impact, vibration damping solutions. ACF Laboratory was built in 2006, on the basis of which Foshan Linzhi Polymer Material Technology Co., Ltd. was incubated, making it a research enterprise with the nature of a laboratory.

ACF R&D team led by two academicians, R&D platform including ACF basic laboratory (bionic laboratory, chemical laboratory, mechanics laboratory, materials analysis laboratory), joint laboratory of universities, Foshan Nanhai District, limit impact protection engineering technology research center and Foshan Special Functional Materials, university scientific and technological achievements of the pilot platform. The artificial cartilage bionic energy-absorbing technology developed by the company has been professionally evaluated to be the world's leading technology and a gap in the domestic market, which can provide professional anti-impact and vibration-isolation solutions and services for the civil and military fields.

The company and its team have been awarded the National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise, Guangdong Province and Foshan City, "Specialized and New" enterprises, Foshan City, Science and Technology Bureau of the team of innovative talents, the South China Sea brand enterprises, etc., and has obtained 68 patents in China, the United States, Australia, etc., and has completed four national standards (including one military standard), seven high-tech products in Guangdong Province, and all indicators have been passed by SGS, ITS, and the National Science and Technology Bureau of the People's Republic of China. ACF has passed the testing and certification of SGS, ITS, CE, General Logistics Institute and other third-party authoritative institutions, in which the 17 combat boots project has been realized by the whole army equipment.

ACF is not only a set of theoretical system, a series of technological breakthroughs, a variety of new materials with special functions, but also a branding business that helps manufacturing enterprises upgrade technology and products, brand differentiation and industrial upgrading, and realizes the mission of letting the materials,the technology and ACF support the life.

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