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ACF is a leading provider of shock and vibration reduction solutions for all scenarios in the industry. In 2006, ACF Laboratory was established, and on this basis, Foshan Linzhi Polymer Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was incubated, making it a research-oriented enterprise with laboratory characteristics. For many years, the company has focused on innovative research and application of impact resistant materials.

In 2011, after more than 12000 experiments over 6 years, ACF successfully developed the ACF artificial cartilage energy absorption technology by studying and imitating human cartilage tissue. Based on interdisciplinary fields such as biomimetics, mechanics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology, the material produced by this technology can absorb up to 97.1% of the impact energy, instantly converting the impact energy into inconspicuous heat energy, and maximizing the protection of the human body and valuable items from the impact force. After professional evaluation, this technology is world leading and there is a gap in China.

The insoles made of ACF allow athletes to jump off the second floor while wearing them; Wearing ACF protective gear can prevent fractures and falls when skiing and racing, as falling can prevent injuries; Making it into a bulletproof vest can reduce the impact of bullets. In addition, it is widely used in fields such as sports, medical, footwear, luggage, car collision prevention, aircraft cushioning, explosion-proof and bulletproof, intelligent equipment, etc. We can provide professional solutions and standard services for military, economic, and social problems caused by factors such as impact, collision, vibration, falling, and explosion.

ACF has strong R&D and innovation capabilities, with a R&D team led by two academicians. The R&D platform includes four ACF basic laboratories (including material analysis laboratories, chemical laboratories, mechanical laboratories, and biomimetic laboratories), three major achievement transformation centers (Foshan Nanhai District Extreme Impact Protection Engineering Technology Research Center, Foshan Special Functional Materials University Science and Technology Achievement Pilot Platform, Foshan Biomimetic Mechanics and Metamaterial Engineering Technology Research Center), and six university joint laboratories.

ACF has been awarded honors such as National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Guangdong Province High tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province and Foshan City "Specialized, Refined, Unique, and New" Enterprise, Guangdong Province Science and Technology Expert Workstation, Foshan City Science and Technology Bureau Innovation Talent Team, and has obtained 68 patents from China, the United States, Australia and other countries. It has completed 3 national standards and 1 military industry standard, and all indicators have passed the testing and certification of third-party authoritative institutions such as SGS, ITS, CE, and the General Rear Military Supply Bureau. Among them, 17 combat boot projects have been equipped throughout the military. In 2024, ACF artificial cartilage biomimetic energy absorption technology was selected as one of the leading technologies in the "Science and Technology Innovation China" - Advanced Materials Field, leading the development of the new materials industry.

After 20 years of innovation and integration, ACF incubated Linzhi Technology has developed into an innovative enterprise that focuses on technological innovation and has strong research and development capabilities. Its ACF artificial cartilage energy absorption technology, which is developed and applied, is at the forefront of the world in the fields of impact resistance and vibration reduction, providing strong guarantees for human life safety and property safety.

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