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ACF Soft Valley Laboratory of Linzhi Science and Technology is a new research and innovation institution with laboratory nature, which has long been committed to the research, development and application of bionic energy-absorbing materials and impact protection technology.
The company has ACF Soft Valley Laboratory (including material analysis laboratory, chemical laboratory, mechanical laboratory and bionic laboratory), Soft Valley bionic metamaterial laboratory, Foshan Nanhai District Limit Impact Protection Engineering Technology Research Center, and Foshan Special Functional Materials University Scientific and Technological Achievements Pilot Platform. The R&D team consists of 2 foreign academicians (including 1 thousand foreign experts), 4 doctors, 4 graduate students, and 60 other R&D assistants, pilot staff, and project personnel.
The company and its team have been awarded the titles of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Guangdong Province and Foshan City "Specialized and Special New" Enterprise, Foshan Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology Innovation Talent Team, Nanhai District Brand Enterprise, etc. It has obtained 66 patents from China, the United States, Australia and other countries, completed 3 national standards, 1 military industry standard, 6 high-tech products in Guangdong Province, and dozens of international and domestic awards and achievements in science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. All indicators have passed the testing and certification of third-party authoritative institutions such as SGS, ITS, CE, and the General Military Supplies Institute.
The company actively responded to the national military-civilian integration development strategy, focused on research and development and production of special functional materials, and promoted the artificial bionic technology "civilian participation in the military". The company was entrusted by the Military Supplies Energy Bureau of the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission to participate in the formulation and development of the "17 Army Combat Boots Specifications" standard, and independently completed the parts of insoles and materials. At present, the system of combat boots has produced more than two million pairs in mass, with basic equipment for the whole army.
R&D project
The concept of bionic energy absorption of artificial cartilage was put forward by Wang Bowei, founder of ACF Laboratory, in March 2006. ACF Laboratory studied and imitated the function and structure of human articular cartilage. After more than 12000 experiments in six years, it successfully developed the bionic energy absorption material of ACF artificial cartilage. Control and adjust the micro and nano structure of the material through physical and chemical methods to make it infinitely close to the three-dimensional ultrastructure of human cartilage, so as to invent a bionic material with the same or better cushioning and energy absorption effect as cartilage.
The ACF material can absorb more than 90% of the impact force and instantly convert the impact energy into invisible heat energy. The product developed based on the ACF material has the same high performance as the ACF, and protects the human body and objects from the impact force to the maximum extent.
After professional evaluation, ACF technology is leading in the world, and it is blank in China. This material can be widely used in sports, medical treatment, shoes and clothing, bags, car anti-collision, aircraft cushioning, explosion-proof bulletproof, intelligent equipment and other fields, and can provide professional solutions and standard services for military, economic and social problems caused by impact, collision, vibration, explosion and other factors.
As a scientific research achievement and technology brand from laboratory to industrialization, ACF is not only a theoretical system, a series of technological breakthroughs, various special functional new materials, products and market applications. At the same time, ACF can help manufacturing enterprises do technology upgrading and product iteration, help brand enterprises do brand upgrading, realize regional economic transformation and upgrading, and then contribute to the good life of manufacturing power and the people.

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