Supplier management

Supplier management

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D Supplier management


Procurement system
ACF procurement, building strategic cooperation, joint innovation, win-win cooperation, benefit-sharing procurement system, quality-first development strategy, "open, fair, just" scientific and rational procurement system and supervision system reasonably create sustainable development and safety , reliable and healthy industrial chain.

Strategic cooperation, joint innovation, win-win cooperation, and benefit sharing

Strategic cooperation will help the two parties create a new type of strategic partnership for integrated development and common development through technology and product cooperation, market and project cooperation, platform and capital cooperation, and jointly build new services, new products, and new models to form a strong Innovate joint advantages, establish a reasonable benefit sharing mechanism, share the benefits of cooperation, share benefits, and build a long-term and stable partnership.

Quality first development strategy
ACF insists on winning by quality, giving priority to quality, focusing on top-level design, starting from the system and mechanism, focusing on promoting quality improvement, and emphasizing the establishment of brand by quality. Therefore, suppliers with continuous high quality and excellent performance in sustainable development will get more and more cooperation with ACF Opportunity to coorparate. Manufacturing our products with high-quality products and technologies, delivering our products with high-quality and efficient services, enables ACF to better provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Sunshine Procurement
According to the principles of "openness, fairness and justice" and "quality first, price first", ACF obtains products or services from the supply market as its own resources, scientific and rational procurement system and supervision system, and through reasonable bidding negotiations, effective Reduce procurement costs, improve procurement efficiency, avoid black-box operations, kickbacks and other corruption phenomena in the procurement process, and ensure that the company's procurement business is open, fair, just, transparent, sunny and reasonable.

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