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The mission of ACF is to make materials support life.

ACF uses advanced material technology and exquisite product design to support and protect the human body and valuable items from the impact force, achieving the mission of supporting life with materials, technology, and ACF!
What we hope to find is not only an employee, but also a partner who can devote themselves wholeheartedly and grow together. Our values are creation and protection, and we look forward to your joining us to create the future and protect life together!


Here are some of our expectations for this position:
1. You need to have a high level of ethics and integrity, and keep company secrets confidential
2. You need to have strong execution skills, efficiently and independently complete work
3. You have excellent stress resistance and can quickly adapt to the environment
4. You have a high sense of responsibility and a high pursuit of work results
5. You will encounter people from different backgrounds and need to have excellent teamwork skills

Welcome to join Linzhi Group
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